JCCC Dojo Visit Day

Reposted from Facebook by Brianna Luong:

Hey everyone :)
This Sunday (October 23rd), there’s a dojo visit day with the JCCC!
Their club members will practice with us in the morning and we’ll go to their practice from 3-5pm. Transportation fees will be covered by the club so please come out and meet some high ranking players!

First 2016 Trial Practice

Tomorrow on Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at 10:00 pm – 11:00 pm in the Hart House Lower Gym, University of Toronto Naginata will be having its first trial practice of the year. Here are a few important things to keep in mind before going.

  • Please try to arrive early to be on time. The trial practice will start as soon as possible. UofT Naginata members will be around to give directions to the Lower Gym.
  • Wear athletic/exercise clothes. Changerooms at Hart House are available for all UofT students (Remember to bring a lock).
  • Don’t wear jewelry, watches, or visible piercings. You can lose these objects during practice and potentially injure someone with them. If you can’t leave them behind before entering the Lower Gym, there will be a space (unsecured) that you can leave them.
  • Bring a water bottle. These are placed in the same space as loose items in the Lower Gym.
  • Have fun! The UofT Naginata Club aims to provide an excellent introduction to Naginata.

See you there!

P.S. Part of what makes the UofT Naginata Club unique is the socials that take place throughout the year. Everyone is invited to the after-practice social tomorrow. If you can, please come. It’s a great way to meet new friends and get to know club members.

The New Year

Welcome to the UTNC’s 2nd semester.

Classes begin/resume Jan 16th and the first one is at 10pm. Location: UofT Hart House, Lower Gym.

The schedule is: Beginner Practices, Wednesday evenings [10-11pm] and General Practice, Sunday mornings [10am-Noon]. Both take place in the Lower Gym.

There is a practice at another dojo that we are connected with, this Sunday (6th) at 3pm. It takes place at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre.

Weekly Notice

Practice Reminders:

Wednesday (Happy Halloween) @ 10pm, Lower Gym

Friday, Nov 2nd, @ 9pm-11pm, Activities Room (Beginners are invited and encouraged to attend, if they can make it.)

Sunday, Nov 4th, @ 10am-Noon, Lower Gym

**Reminder that our clocks go BACK an hour on Nov 4th at 2:00am**

*~*~* Our raffle for Naginata-themed items will be starting soon. Tickets are $3 and are payable to Tomas or Victoria.


Practice, Tomorrow from 9-11pm, Activities Rm.

Beginners are invited and encouraged to attend, if they can, so that they can get 2 more hours of practice in the week AND so that they can take advantage of the mirror in the Activities Rm (make sure swings are coming up/down straight, body is fully in side profile, feet are proper distance apart, etc…).