Do I have to be a student to join the club?
Yes.  But please contact us (uoftnaginata@gmail.com) if you wish to join and are not a student at the University of Toronto.

Do I need to know Naginata to join the club?

No.  Come out and see it for the first time, or continue your training with us.  Every level is welcome.

How do I join?
You can register for the club with any of the executive members in person.  Please stop by Hart House during one of our practice times.

What does it cost?

Practices are free.  Club membership fee with Hart House is $33.90 per semester (taxes included, price subject to change). A club fee of $20 per semester is paid to the club, and all proceeds go toward club-sponsored events, new equipment, and maintenance of current equipment.

What should I wear for practice?
Anything you can move in and are comfortable exercising in (Mainly gym clothes. No Jeans or Accessories).  Naginata is done bare footed, so don’t worry about shoes.

Do I need to bring anything to the first class?
Just yourself :)

Do I have to be registered to attend the first class?

No.  The first practice is a free for anyone who want to explore Naginata. Come by and see if you like it!

What if I miss the first class?
Not a problem.  Just email us!  uoftnaginata@gmail.com

What if I can’t make it to a class this week?

That’s alright! We’re all students or are working full/part time jobs, so we understand.  Just please try not to miss too many practices as falling behind will slow down practice for everyone. I

Where can I buy Naginata/uniform/bogu:

We purchase these once or twice a year as a club.  Ask the executives for more information in person or by email: uoftnaginata@gmail.com