Executive Team

UTNC Executive Team 2017-2018

UTNC President: Abigail Lim

Vice Presidents: Maggie Lin and Mika Sneyd

Treasurer: Jacob Shekter

Communications Manager: Rachel MacKinnon

Equipment Manager: Maggie Lin

UTBN President: Rachel MacKinnon


UTNC Executive Team 2016-2017

UTNC President: Angelie J Flores (to July) / Abigail Lim (from July)

Vice President: Abigail Lim (to July) / Brianna Luong (from August)

Treasurer: Mika Sneyd

Equipment Managers: Anri Kitami and Maggie Lin

Webmaster: Sean Lai

Social Conveners: Alexa Klein (to August) and Paul Schweitzer

Publicity Manager: Mercer Pommer

Membership Secretary: Zalde Balde Jr.

UTBN President: Brianna Luong (to August) / Alexa Klein (from August)


UTNC Executive Team 2015-2016



UTNC President:

Yuki Nishimura





Vice President:

Aileen Lin






Jeremy Herrera





Equipment Manager:

Maggie Lin





Equipment Manager:

Brianna Luong






Abigail Lim





Social Convener:

Mike Aronoff





Publicity Manager:

Lutan Liu





Membership Secretary:

Ai Nguyen





UTBN President:

Angelie J Flores



UTNC Executive Team 2014-2015

UTNC President: Yuki Nishimura

Vice President: Tomas Paolo Almonte

Treasurer: Victoria Huang

Secretary: Mary-Kate Proud

Equipment Managers: Jeremy Herrera and Tim Gadanidis (September only)

Social Convener: Marie Tossios

Publicity Manager: Lutan Liu

Webmaster: Tiffany Y.

Membership Secretary: Angelie J Flores

UTBN President: Anthony Tham

UTNC Executive Team 2013-2014

President: Tomas Paolo Almonte

Vice President: Tiffany Y.

UTBN President: Yuki Nishimura

Treasurer: Victoria Huang

Secretary: Mary Kate Proud

Social Convener: Marie Tossios

Webmaster: Anthony Tham

Equipment Manager: Emma Hsueh, Simon Souralaysack

Membership Secretary: Alice Hsueh


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