Secret Santa Name Draw

A reminder that name drawings for Secret Santa are occurring at this Sunday practice. You must come if you are participating in Secret Santa. (Though if you have really terrible scheduling conflicts or the flu, please contact Abigail.) A second round of group naginata uniform photos will be also taking place after practice.

First Maintenance Session

This is a reminder that tomorrow on Wednesday, November 9 from 8 pm to 10 pm, we have our first maintenance session of the school year in the committee room of Hart House second floor. Maintenance is an essential part of Naginata, and thus you should come if you have time. It’s fine to drop in part way through if you have other commitments overlapping into that time.

See you there,


JCCC Dojo Visit Day

Reposted from Facebook by Brianna Luong:

Hey everyone :)
This Sunday (October 23rd), there’s a dojo visit day with the JCCC!
Their club members will practice with us in the morning and we’ll go to their practice from 3-5pm. Transportation fees will be covered by the club so please come out and meet some high ranking players!

CNF National Seminar and Tournament 2016

From October 14 to 16, UTNC members and alumni travelled for the CNF National Seminar and Tournament. Several members ranked up and won medals. Congratulations to everyone for participating in the grading and tournament.

UTNC Grading Results

Nidan – Mary-Kate Proud

Shodan – Aileen Lin

Nikyu – Mika Nishinoiri and Brianna Luong

Sankyu – Anri Kitami and Alexa Klein

Yonkyu – Jason Xu

UTNC Tournament Results

Dangai Engi

1st – Abigail Lim and Mika Nishinoiri

3rd – Lutan Liu and Aileen Lin

Dangai Shiai

3rd – Aileen Lin

Team Shiai

1st – Marija Landekic, Abigail Lim, and David Wang

2nd – Mary Phan, Simon Bruins, and Brianna Luong

3rd – (Jean-Francoi Brisson/Jordan Macklem), Lutan Liu, and Alexa Klein

CNF National Championship and Seminar 2016

Repost from the Facebook group by Mary-Kate:

October 15-16 is the CNF National Championship and Seminar. People of all Naginata skill levels are welcome to attend. You’ll get to practice with people from other dojos in Canada, and watch your Senpai compete in the national championship. We car pool to the seminar on Friday, get a hotel together, and return late Sunday night. Registration is due by October 9, so please let me know if you’re interested in attending as soon as possible!

The club will subsidize a small part of the seminar fee.