Happouburi – eight direction basic swinging exercise 

  • Jogeburi – swinging naginata vertically 
  • Nanameburi – swinging the naginata diagonally 
  • Yokoburi – swinging the naginata horizontally 
  • Nanameburi shitakara – swinging the naginata diagonally, starting from the bottom and going up 
  • Furikaeshi – windmill swing, ending low and centred 

Credit: Thanks to Yuki Nishimura for providing her voice for the pronounciation audio.


















*If you’re reading this, it means you are either a UofT Kendo Club member or you’ve actually taken the time to go through this vocabulary dictionary (in which case, good for you). Credit goes to Timothy Gadanidis. Here is the version by Yuki: