Footwork and Kamae


  • Mae – step forward 
  • Ato – step back 
  • Migi ni hirake – step to the right 
  • Hidari ni hirake – step to the left 
  • Ayumi ashi mae – step forward, crossing feet, four steps at a time 
  • Ayumi ashi ato – step backward, crossing feet, four steps at a time 
  • Tsugi ashi mae – bring feet together, spring forward 
  • Tsugi ashi ato – bring feet together, spring backward 
  • Fumikaete – switch feet 
  • Mochikaete – switch hands 
  • Naore – return to shizentai 
  • Okuri ashi – slide front foot, back foot catches up 
  • Hiraki ashi – stepping to side without crossing feet 

Kamae – stance, guard, ready position

  • Chudan ni kamae – middle guard position, with kissaki pointing at opponent’s solar plexus 
  • Hasso ni kamae – diagonal ready position, with kissaki up and back, ishizuki on body centre 
  • Gedan ni kamae – lower guard, with kissaki down 
  • Jodan ni kamae – upper ready position, with ishizuki forward, blade up, and kissaki back 
  • Waki gamae – side position, with naginata horizontal, ishizuki forward, and kissaki back

Credit: Thanks to Yuki Nishimura for providing her voice for the pronunciation audio.