CNF National Seminar and Tournament 2016

From October 14 to 16, UTNC members and alumni travelled for the CNF National Seminar and Tournament. Several members ranked up and won medals. Congratulations to everyone for participating in the grading and tournament.

UTNC Grading Results

Nidan – Mary-Kate Proud

Shodan – Aileen Lin

Nikyu – Mika Nishinoiri and Brianna Luong

Sankyu – Anri Kitami and Alexa Klein

Yonkyu – Jason Xu

UTNC Tournament Results

Dangai Engi

1st – Abigail Lim and Mika Nishinoiri

3rd – Lutan Liu and Aileen Lin

Dangai Shiai

3rd – Aileen Lin

Team Shiai

1st – Marija Landekic, Abigail Lim, and David Wang

2nd – Mary Phan, Simon Bruins, and Brianna Luong

3rd – (Jean-Francoi Brisson/Jordan Macklem), Lutan Liu, and Alexa Klein


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