UofT Naginata Gasshuku 2016

Repost from UofT Naginata Facebook page by Alexa Klein:

Hello everyone,

As mentioned previously, this year’s gasshuku will be taking place at St-Patrick’s Church on McCall St. and Hart House at UofT on the weekend of August 19-21. We will be charging 40$ per person to cover the cost of food. We will begin collecting the money this week, so please bring cash or a cheque to practice as soon as you can. It will be payable to Mary-Kate, Abigail or myself. Practice for gasshuku will begin at 9am on Friday and we will be meeting at St-Patrick’s for 8am. Please make sure to be on time. I’ll post the schedule for the rest of the weekend shortly. We will need a few volunteers to help us set up, so if you’re interested in helping out or if you have any cooking skills, please inbox one of the three of us. Last, but most important, please make sure to fill out the emergency contact and medical information form linked below and to forward it to Mary-Kate, and don’t forget to bring your health card with you that weekend.

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