End of the Year Plans

We’ve still got a couple of weeks to go until the very end of the semester, and there are a fair number of club events to keep you all busy until then. Click through to see what we have planned for the rest of the month, and please do your best to show up, if you can!

This upcoming Sunday (April 3), intermediate club members (those of you who joined the club in September and have stayed fairly active) will be able to try on a full set of bogu during practice! In case you’re not completely sure what that is, bogu is the armour we use for sparring. Intermediates already had a chance to try on sune-ate (the shin protectors) earlier this semester, and if you make sure to show up this Sunday, you’ll get a chance to try on the full set as well.

Then, next Saturday (April 9) will be the end of the year social and elections for next year’s exec team! We’ll be having the social at Manpuku (105 McCaul Street), as we typically do every year. Please show up to celebrate the end of a good school year with us, and to vote and help us decide the exec team for next year!

And the very next day, Sunday, April 10, is the annual UTNC End of Year Tournament. It’ll be at the normal time and place for practice, (10 am, Hart House Lower Gym) but we’ll have an extra hour this week so we can have both an engi tournament and a shiai (bogu) tournament!

All beginners are welcome to join the engi portion of the tournament, which will cover engi 3, 4, & 5. In fact, all naginata players in the city are welcome to join, or even to just come and spectate if you’d like! If you’re interested, please sign up for the Facebook event if you haven’t already.

Finally, the second last practice of the year will be Sunday, April 17, which will be Balloon Day. Balloon Day is when all the advanced members put on their bogu and we tape balloons to them, and you get to try to pop them all!

The last practice of the semester will be Wednesday, April 20, and then we’re done for the year, unfortunately! But stay tuned to our Facebook group or this site here for more details about summer practice when they arise.

Hope to see you all at practice, and good luck on your finals!

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