2015 Fall Semester Wrap-Up

UTNC had a busy end of semester, with a couple of new events like our beginner engi tournament and grading, as well as our annual Secret Santa event. The results (and a couple of photos) are below the cut!

UTNC Beginner Engi Tournament Results

  • 1st place: Jason Xu and Harry Su
  • 2nd place: Paul Schweitzer and Mercer Pommer
  • 3rd place: Amber Ma and Gregory Ge
  • Shinpan special award (for fighting spirit): Alexa Klein and Mika Nishinoiri

December Grading Results

  • 5kyu: Paul Schweitzer, Sean Lai, Anri Kitami, Arlene Min
  • 4kyu: Brianna Luong, Mercer Pommer, Jun (Zaldy Balde Jr.), Ai Nguyen, Mika Nishinoiri
  • 3kyu: Lutan Liu
  • 2kyu: Mike Aronoff

Finally, practices are over for the semester, though we will be starting up again sometime in January. Stay tuned for more information on registration near the start of the new semester.

Good luck on your exams and have a good winter break!


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