New policy

UTNC has a new official policy regarding members interested in extra practices at Hart House:
01. Only two extra practices per week. If those extra practice slots have been used for the week, you must wait until next week to request an extra practice.
02. Members must contact Yuki to request an extra practice and provide the time, location, and the number of people attending. Members must recieve a response from Yuki before using a free fitness room. We share this space with others and it is not fair to them if we constantly take up space, and we do take up space. A lot of it.
03. If members do not follow the above policy they will not be allowed to attend the next regular official practice for that week.
04. If extra practice affects prompt attendance to regular practice, members will be restricted from the next regular practice at the discretion of our instructors: Yuki, Tiffany, and Anthony.
If you find that UTNC’s practices are not enough for you, please take advantage of the practices offered by the JCCC, 6 Garamond Court, Toronto, ON, M3C 1Z5 (Tuesdays 9:15-10:45pm and Sundays, 3:30-5:00pm). Anyone is welcome and the UTNC members who practice at the JCCC will help you get there. Visit the JCCC Naginata Club on Facebook if you have any questions about practing there. It is an open group and should show up in a search.

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