Major Updates: Uniform Orders, Secret Santa, and Christmas Event

It has been a while but this is a major post with a lot of information.

  1. Uniform Orders. Please email us by Nov 23rd if you wish to order one. In the lovely words of our Equipment Manager:

To everyone and all that did not get a uniform in the last order:

Mad that you don’t look quite as stylish as all the members that did get uniforms? Well do not fret! We are putting through a second round of uniform orders (should the demand be high enough) to go through by the end of November, to be received in December!

Found below is a sizing chart with which you can find out what size gi and hakama you will most likely fit into. Worried that you will mis-measure? No worries, the execs will be glad to help you find out which size you will best fit!

 2. Secret Santa: If you are not a member of the facebook group, please email us.

Hey guys,

Every year Naginata Club has a special Christmas event called Secret Santa: you draw a name from a hat and you have to get a present for that person. We ask that the gift you give be at around $10-15, and it should be something heartfelt
If you’re interested in participating in this event, please comment here by Wednesday, November 26th (we will be drawing names after practice).

3. Christmas event: Voting on the date

Alright guys, the holidays draw near and that can only mean one thing:
party time!

We will be hosting a party + secret santa some time in December, so please choose the date you would like from the options. Another post will be made regarding secret santa, so watch out for that. The deadline for choosing the date will be November 25th.

(Note that classes end on December 2nd)

Choices are: Thur, Dec 4th; Fri, Dec 5th; Sat, Dec 6th; Sun, Dec 7th.

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