Practice Info and Information Updates

Hi everyone.

First off:

Practices are, again, Wednesday (10-11pm) and Sunday (10am-12pm) in the Lower Gym. Please do not wear jeans to practice.

2) If you haven’t registered with Hart House ($40 + tax) yet for the semester then please do so as soon as possible. It goes towards ensuring a practice space that is beneficial for everyone.

3) Also, we ask that you pay your club fee ($20) for this semester soon as well so that we can plan fun socials for you and also maintain the Naginata in order for everyone to use them.

4) Uniforms

For all beginners that intend to attend the Montreal seminar, we will be placing an order out ASAP in order to get you guys properly dressed for the event. It may be short notice, but please bring in $85 (this covers the $80 for the uniform plus and duties).

Otherwise, main uniform orders can be placed mid-to-late October. Again, prices should be about $85, but will be updated accordingly as the time comes.

A sizing chart for the gi (the shirt) can be found here:

A sizing chart for the hakama (the skirt/dress/pants) can be found here:

5) Search for Assistant Equipment Managers


Attention all members! (ESPECIALLY BEGINNERS!):

The club has recently suffered through the resignation of one of the co-equipment managers. As such, I will be your new Head Equipment Manager! However, this title is somewhat pointless, considering I am also currently the only equipment manager…

But, you guys can change that! As head equipment manager, I am currently looking for TWO (2) new equipment manager assistants to join the executive team! If you are at all in any way looking to get more involved with the club, this is an amazing opportunity! A great beginner position, your primary responsibilities will be taking the naginata to and from the lower gym, placing them back into storage properly, and assisting with maintenance sessions as the year progresses. We strongly urge those interested in assisting the club, as well as those that may look into joining the executive team for the 2015-2016 term to apply for the position!

If you are interested, please contact either myself or Yuki!|

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