Weekly Reminder and Montreal Seminar


Wednesday, 10-11pm in the Lower Gym
Sunday, 10am-12pm in the Lower Gym

If you have expressed interest in attending the Montreal Seminar, Oct 18th and 19th, then please bring in your seminar forms/fees and club fees (to Victoria) so that we can send in the forms on time. If you haven’t received a form then please contact Mary-Kate so that she can help you with filling one out. It is not mandatory to attend, but if you have the time, money, and want to learn a great deal more and observe/practice with other members of various ranks then it is a great opportunity for your growth in Naginata. It is also a chance to watch a tournament for Naginata, which includes engi (kata) and shiai (sparring) matches.

Also, this is a reminder to wear comfortable gym clothes to all practices and not jeans so that your movements will be more natural and it will lead to better footwork.

Seminar Reg Form Mtl Oct 2014 En 3

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