Trial Practice Information

Hi and welcome to everyone who has expressed interest in learning about Naginata. Our trial practice is coming up quickly and therefore, this post is to inform everyone about the location, what to wear and what to expect at this practice.

First: Location and Time
  • Sunday, Sept 14th, 10am to Noon, in the Lower Gym of Hart House

Second: Clothing

  • Comfortable clothes (workout clothing/decent t-shirt and shorts)
  • Be prepared to be barefoot (shoes are left at the door)
  • No jewellery and accessories
Third: What to expect
  • Meet our lovely executive team who will be guiding and teaching you for the year
  • Etiquette towards the dojo, your fellow members, and to the weapon, the Naginata
  • Basic footwork, stances, targets, and a few basic strikes
  • Come join us for lunch afterwards. We usually go out for a nice, filling, and cheap lunch after practice so that we can talk and relax. Everyone is completely welcome.
If you are unable to make to this Sunday’s practice but still want to check it out, then you can join us for our first official practice on Wednesday, Sept 24th, at 10pm in the Lower Gym.
Hope to see you all there so that we can get started on getting to know you guys better and teaching you guys everything we know!

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