Practices Week of November 3rd and Deadlines

Activities Room Wed, Nov 06 10 PM – 11 PM

Lower Gym Sun, Nov 10 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Other Reminders: Uniform Orders, Club Fee

Uniform Orders – The deadline to place your order for a uniform is Sunday, November 10th. That means you MUST notify either Simon or Emma if you are purchasing a uniform by the end of that day. The deadline to pay is Wednesday, November 13th. The uniform will cost you $75, already including tax and shipping fees. When placing your order, please include the following:

Gi size || Hakama Size || Weight  || Waist size  || Height

Club Fee – The deadline for the club fee is also going to be Wednesday, November 13th. It is $15 per semester, and can go to either Victoria or Tiffany at practice. This club fee goes towards purchasing new equipment for the club, maintaining the equipment, and ALL goes back to you guys someway or another.

The best to way to measure is to measure from your waist to ankle. The OUTER SEAM with where your waist is, which is where you will end up tying it and ankle where the bottom of the hakama will end up. This is roughly where the groove in your side is when you lean to one side. We will bring a measuring tape to practice for any of you who are unsure of what size gi or hakama will fit you. Under the measurement chart for the hakama, there are examples also.

Gi (Top)
Hakama (Bottom)

Why get a uniform you might ask? It looks COOL. But that’s not the only reason. It also makes you really feel professional and really feel like you are practicing a martial art and really helps you get into it. Personally, I also find it very helpful for strikes and form.

We are trying to get the order completed before the end of November, so that come the next semester, everyone will have one so PLEASE let us know ASAP. =)

**If you cannot come to practices either of of those days to place an order or pay for your uniform or the club fee, contact one of us ASAP.**

Any of the following club members either by phone or Facebook:
Tiffany – 647-686-6272
Victoria – 647-262-3219
Yuki – 647-987-0730
Simon – 647-339-5731
Anthony – 416-464-5715

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