Practices for the Week of October 27th

Wednesday October 30th, 2013 in the Activities Room from 10PM – 11PM

Sunday November 3rd 2013 in the Lower Gym from 10AM – 12 NOON

Please note that Daylight’s Saving Time Ends on Sunday, so clocks go BACK one hour.

Other reminders:

$15 Club fees can go to either Tiffany or Victoria after practice

If you have not yet on our clubs membership list, please see Alice after practice to take down your information.

We are starting to take uniform orders! Uniforms will be approximately $74 (gi – top + hakama – bottom). Please see Simon or Emma after or before practice to place your order, or send them a message. When requesting to order, please include your height, waist size, and weight, please. For sizing charts see below. If you are unsure about sizes, ask one of your sempai for help!

Suggestion for girls: actually measure from your waist to ankle and match it with the outer seam on the chart to find your hakama size. As girls tie their hakama higher than guys, sometimes you may need one size larger than the suggested height.


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