Practices for the Week of October 20th

Hey everyone! It’s been a hectic month so far but we’re over halfway there! Ganbatte! Fight-o!

Wednesday October 23rd, 2013 from 10PM-11PM in the Activities Room

Sunday October 27th, 2013 from 10 AM – 12 NOON in the Lower Gym

Few reminders:

$15 Club fee can go to Victoria or Tiffany after practice.

If you are planning to stick with the Naginata club, please see Alice after practice so she can take down your info!

For those of you who inquired about uniforms, and are thinking of getting one they will be roughly $74. We are going to start taking uniform orders this week after practice, but if you can’t make it to practice, contact Simon or Emma over facebook or text, who are in charge of the uniform orders. The sizing charts are linked below. If you need help in selecting your size, please do not be afraid to ask a senpai!

Gi (top part):

Hakama (bottom part):

If you have any other questions be sure to ask any of us!

For all of you who could not make it to the CNF seminar this year, we will be uploading videos to our facebook page and website soon so check them out when they are. We hope that next year you can make it!

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