Practices Week of October 13th

Hey everyone! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend and were able to rest up, especially during this hectic month.

Practices this week:

Activities Room Wednesday October 16th 10PM – 11PM

Due to this being such a late practice, we have decided that we will have our social BEFORE practice from 7PM – 9PM at MODO (a bubble tea shop + dinner/desserts/snacks). It is located near Dundas and Spadina, here (482 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T 1G9). We will meet there, but if you are having trouble getting there make sure to contact Yuki at 647-987-0730.

Lower Gym Sunday October 20th 10 AM – 12 NOON

If you are not yet registered for the club, there are still spots to register in with Hart House – the registration fee is $33. If you are planning to stick with Naginata (we encourage you to do so!) please find you membership secretary Alice after practice so she can take down your information!

Also as a reminder, there is a club fee of $15 which can be payed to either Tiffany or Victoria after practice.

We will also soon be starting to take uniform orders (approximately $74) which we will keep you updated on.

That is all~ See you at practice!

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