Regular Practices and Other Notes

Thanks to everyone who showed up for the trial practice last week! We hope you enjoyed it and do decide to stay to learn and practice Naginata with us!

Practices are every Wednesday from 10-11PM and Sunday 10AM-12 in Hart House Lower Gym. The first class will be on September 25th Wednesday. No previous experience is necessary and no need to buy your own equipment. Please wear comfortable gym clothes and remove any accessories (earrings etc.) before coming to practice.

When coming to practice make sure to bring your Tcard to sign into Hart House, and a combination lock to store your belongings in a locker (provided for free for day use).

Registration with the club is $33 per semester with Hart House and can be done online here ( or in person at the front desk as soon as you enter Hart House. If it says there are no more spots available online, come to practice anyways and let us know! There is also a club fee of $15 per semester that goes to our club for the maintenance

If you were unable to attend the trial practice, but still have an interest in Naginata, feel free to come by anytime and try it out!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us!

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