Week September 19-25 Practices and Heads up

Hello fellow UTNC and UTBN members,

1) Practice Schedule

Starting this week, UTBN (beginners) will have practice on every Wednesday, from 10-11PM, and Sunday, from 10AM-12PM.  The last Wednesday practice of this semester is on December 7th, while the last day for Sunday is December 4th.  Wednesday’s practice will be in the activities room.  Sunday’s practice will be in the lower gym.

For UTNC members (advanced), the Friday practice time is varied.  Please stay in tune for weekly practice updates.  Sunday is exactly the same as the UTBN members.

Breakdown for this week:
Beginners practice on Wednesday, September 21st, from 10-11PM in the Activities Room
Advanced practice on Friday, September 23rd, from 10-11PM in the Activities Room
Combined practice on Sunday, September 25th, from 10AM-12PM in the Lower Gym

2) Cost

For both UTNC and UTBN members, please note the following fees and pay to the respective entities:

Gym Rental: $33.90 ($30+tax) to Hart House
Club membership: $15 to the club.  Please give the money to Wesley

For UTNC members:
CNF Membership (Optional): $30 to CNF, represented by Wesley, with the membership form filled out.


Thank you for your time.  If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please contact us at uoftnaginata@gmail.com.


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