September 28th Practice

Good morning everyone!
Practice next Monday is booked for 9pm again.  There will be no Thursday practice this week as they have permanently filled the spot with Yoga.  However, there is a spot Wednesdays at 9pm, and we will discuss this next practice so please check your schedules and know your availability for this day.

Club registration will begin Sept 27th.  To be registered with the club means to be a part of the Canadian Naginata Federation, and the fee is $30 per year.

Also, the Montreal seminar is fast approaching!!  This is an excellent opportunity for some hardcore Naginata learning with sensei from around North America.  Not to mention an excuse to see Montreal!  Beginners are highly encouraged to come (you’ll be surprised at how much you can improve in a single weekend).  If you are interest please speak to Marija (the instructor) or email as soon as possible.  Also note that you must be a member of the UofT Naginata Club to attend.

Have a great week and I hope to see everyone at Sunday’s practice!!  (10am-12noon)

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