UTNC participated in the NY seminar and taikai 2009

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the New York Tournament and the Intercollegiate Tournament this past weekend in New Jersey!

::UofT Results::

New York Taikai::


1st – Marija Landekic

3rd – Kaori Kubo

Strike Out:

Everyone from UofT!!


3rd: Marija and Kaori


Women’s –

1st: Kaori Kubo

2nd: Marija Landekic

Team Shiai:

2nd: Team Toronto (a.k.a. chicks with sticks)

Zen Nihon Kata:

3rd: Kaori Kubo and Antoine Fromentin

College Tournament ::


1st: Kaori Kubo and Marija Landekic

2nd: Jonathan Levstein and Jo-anne Kuo


1st: Kaori Kubo

3rd: Marija Landekic

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